The Growing Up Hub: a new proto-manifesto emerges…

What is the function of a manifesto? And how far can you stretch the definition before it becomes meaningless? And then, even if you fall short of making something properly-manifesto-like, could the failed attempt be useful in its own right? (And if so, useful for what?) It’s with these questions in mind that I continue […]

Microplastics Citizen Science Field Trip – the Video

The NIRIN 2020 Biennale of Sydney rolls on! After being shut down due to COVID19 from March to June, the exhibition venues for the Biennale have re-opened until September/October. This is great news if you want to take the ferry to Cockatoo Island and see Plastic-free Biennale in the flesh, alongside a plethora of brilliant […]

HRH MC Nannarchy’s Plastic Wrap: 2020 Biennale of Sydney COVID-19 Lockdown Version

We at Plastic-free Biennale are constantly trawling the ocean floor for polymer gems to bring to you, dear fans. Case in point: our colleague, HRH MC Nannarchy (from Cairns). Now, as part of the Biennale, we had planned to convey the esteemed MC to Cockatoo Island via sedan-chair for an in-person exclusive audience, but COVID […]

Podcast of Perpetual Plastics – Episode 2

AmberJones · The Podcast of Perpetual Plastix – Meet HRH MC Nannarchy It’s a meeting of plastic superheroes! Sister Ninny Nurdles (aka Amber Jones) in conversation with HRH MC Nannarchy, in episode 2 of the Podcast of Perpetual Plastix! On her blog, Sister Ninny Nurdles writes: This 16-minute interview focuses on Nanna, as she shoots […]

The Podcast of Perpetual Plastix – Episode 1

AmberJones · How can you put milk in a brown paper bag? Here’s episode 1 of The Podcast of Perpetual Plastix, provocatively titled: “How can you put milk in a brown paper bag?” Join Sister Ninny Nurdles on her audio journey tackling the big P problem with her friends and family members. Why do we […]

Sisters of Perpetual Plastix are going off!

A few weeks back we introduced Juundaal and Amber, aka The Sisters of Perpetual Plastix. The sisters joined us as “team members” in the Plastic-free Biennale project – they volunteered themselves to jump in and help out. In fact, Juundaal and Amber were students in “Art Nature and the Environment”, the class Kim and I […]

The Story of Plastic – Video Screening

This movie is showing next week online, hosted by the Adelaide Sustainability Centre. Here’s what the ASC says about the event: Let’s watch a film together, from home. Join our ‘The Story of Plastic’ virtual screening and panel discussion. In these unprecedented times, we’ve found a virtual solution to continue our monthly film nights. Stories […]