Sisters of Perpetual Plastix

Introducing the Sisters of Perpetual Plastix...

The Plastic-free Biennale¬†team meets each week on Zoom (of course!) to continue our work … Our “junior members”, artists Amber Jones (top left) and Juundaal Strang-Yettica (bottom left) are developing a plug-in performative piece called “The Sisters of Perpetual Plastix”, which involves two nuns called Sister Glitter Nullius (Juundaal) and Sister Ninny Nurdles (Amber) who belong to a religious order locked into a complex love/hate relationship with plastic! Contradiction // hypocrisy // worship, the Sisters are working their way though the metaphor …. Perhaps they can absolve you of your plastic sins… What could go wrong!?! Lots of room for laughs and dress ups… Watch this space…¬†

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