The Story of Plastic – Video Screening

This movie is showing next week online, hosted by the Adelaide Sustainability Centre. Here’s what the ASC says about the event: Let’s watch a film together, from home. Join our ‘The Story of Plastic’ virtual screening and panel discussion. In these unprecedented times, we’ve found a virtual solution to continue our monthly film nights. Stories […]

Sisters of Perpetual Plastix

Introducing the Sisters of Perpetual Plastix… The Plastic-free Biennale┬áteam meets each week on Zoom (of course!) to continue our work … Our “junior members”, artists Amber Jones (top left) and Juundaal Strang-Yettica (bottom left) are developing a plug-in performative piece called “The Sisters of Perpetual Plastix”, which involves two nuns called Sister Glitter Nullius (Juundaal) […]