A date with Pangolin

The last fortnight has seen a massive shift in … well, pretty much everything! With the Coronavirus sweeping across the world, Plastic-free Biennale (like everyone else) has had to change tack. We had been planning to spend every Wednesday in our installation at Cockatoo Island as the HQ for our ongoing activities throughout the duration […]

Biennial Foundation Review

This thoughtful review has been published on the Biennial Foundation website, briefly discussing the Plastic-free Biennale project among other contributions to NIRIN. Thanks to author Michaela Bear. Michaela writes: Among the 36 artists and projects displayed on the industrial Island is a space dedicated to resources on the Plastic-Free Biennale, created by socially-engaged artists Lucas […]

Towards a plastic-free Biennale

Tracey Clement, and artist and writer for Art Guide Australia, has written this wonderful article about our project. You can read Tracey’s piece on the Art Guide website over here. Towards a plastic-free Biennale – by Tracey Clement. March 25, 2020 Kim Williams and Lucas Ihlein are socially engaged artists. As a practice, socially engaged […]